Friday, March 27, 2015

Easter Menu Planner, Printable Download

Hi there! I's Freebie Friday here at the Paisley In Paris™ blog! I'm very excited about today's printable download. I know that most wonderful and organized hosts have already decorated their homes and planed out every detail. But for all you busy bees that haven't quite had a chance to get to it, I have a little gift that might come in new Easter Menu and Event Planner!
Printable Download by Dio Perez
The planner provides space for you to jot down your entrees, side dishes, desserts, snacks, condiments, beverages, and even includes a quick check-off list for your setup, and an area for you to enter notes and kids activities. One of my favorite features, is the shopping list at the bottom. Just cut on the dotted line and take only the shopping list with you, so your planner stays safe at home, where you need it.  So head on over to my website and get your complimentary copy today. Happy planning my friends! 

~ Dio

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Let It Flow" Productivity Mantra & Free Download

I am the queen of busy! I work a full time job, I have a half-hour commute in each direction, a 10 year old with extracurricular activities, a hard working husband whom I like to spoil with home cooked meals, a workout routine I'm trying hard not to break and I have tons and tons of ideas for my stationery business along with other personal goals. One day, in the midst of daily chaos, I slowed down to pray and meditate. "When?" I asked, "When will I have time to do everything I want to do for my business?" and as I asked, the answer came to me..."Let it flow". You see, it doesn't matter how busy we are or how much time we have available. The truth is, no matter what our tasks are, we will get through them one step at a time. It doesn't matter if we have 10 hours a day to work on a desired project, or just 1 hour in 10 days. Whether we have a chunk of time all at once or scattered throughout our week, we still have to fill that time with the steps involved in the process to accomplish our goals. So all we can do is remain consistent, keep working at it, "let if flow" and it will come to fruition.

The phrase has since become a productivity mantra for me. I used the phrase to create this hand-lettered document which includes a few lines to write down the goals I want to focus on at the moment. Once I write them down, I feel as if I were releasing them to the universe. I trust that I will be provided with the time and opportunities to achieve each goal, as I continue working towards them, one step at a time. 

I have set up a complimentary printable file which you can access through my website in hopes that you find both inspiration and motivation to remain focused and on task. Now come on - let's go make our dreams come true!

~ Dio

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Doggy Baby Shower Invitations

In honor of St. Paddy's Day, I'm sharing with you today my newest, latest and greenest baby shower collection titled "Bandana Doggy". The cards and address labels are available in other colors, such as aqua and golden yellow, but keep in mind that you can always  change the background color of any of these items by simply clicking  the  "customize it!" button and selecting the  color of your choice - easy peasy, right?!
The entire collection is available in my zazzle shop at

~ Dio
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

And yet another creativity challenge

Earlier in the year I had committed myself to a personal challenge which I called the "365 days of Dio doodles" in which I intended to draw and post my sketches to Instagram every day of 2015. That went well for a couple of weeks, then work got a little crazy and my doodles became a little inconsistent from mid January and well into February. I work full-time, so I normally draw during my afternoon breaks however, when things get really hectic, instead of drawing I like to find a quiet place in my building to close my eyes, focus on my breathing and meditate for a few minutes before heading back to my desk to crank out more work. 
With the workload being more manageable these days, not only have I started doodling again, but I'm also participating in a lettering challenge called #meetyourselfmarch by @ckelso, via Instagram. I find that combining both, my personal doodling challenge and the lettering challenge, really helps me stay focused and excited about what I'll be drawing next. It's only in the last couple of years that I have become more interested in finding my own lettering style, and the more I draw in my sketchbook, the more I find that my favorite sketches are those accompanied by words. 
Another advantage of participating in the lettering challenge is that I don't have to think of what to draw. I just follow the prompts, let the creativity flow and discover something about myself along way. The best part of it though, is that I get to share it with you!

Above is my doodle for day 2 of the lettering challenge. The prompt was "3 Things that would make my ideal morning," and to which I happily answered by illustrating  "cuddles, pancakes and coffee." Yum! How about you? What would make your mornings ideal?

~ Dio
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Thursday, February 26, 2015

This week's doodles and lettering

I was all gung ho earlier in the year about my 365 days of doodles challenge. Well, of course I was inspired and motivated, I was on vacation and had all the time in the world to do what I love - create, create, create. But then winter break was over. I went back to work, and with the season is full bloom,  everything else (from here till May) is pretty much on the back burner. 
I haven't been drawing daily as I intended, but I do manage to sneak a little ink on paper every couple of days. I just don't have the time to post, especially at work, but that'll change soon ;)

Below are a few doodles from this week plus a bit of hand lettering. I have taken a higher interest in lettering recently, and I'm learning simply by observing. Hoping to take a course or two over the summer to really begin to master the skill.

Also, be on the lookout for my little bee and flower below. I'll be turning it into a greeting card illustration sometime in the next couple of weeks.

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Puppy Love

Aren't puppies the cutest? I love dogs, they're so lovable and full of personality. They are often a source of inspiration for me, as well as a subject matter when drawing on my sketchbook.
I drew this little guy sometime in the summer of 2014 during my lunch break. Since then, he lived on a small piece of scrap paper, smiling at me daily from my bulletin board. Last week however, I brought my little pup home with me and I gave him new life. I transformed him from a cute simple doodle into a digital illustration.
Today, my little "Bandana Doggy" adorns the cover of this lovely thank you card and is also featured on stickers, bookplates and address labels over at my shop at
Puppy Thank You Card
He's the perfect stationery icon for any pet birthday parties, or doggy themed baby showers and birthday parties. Yes he is!

~ Dio

Monday, February 2, 2015

Printable Party Invitations

Looking for easy DIY printable invitations? Well, over the next few weeks, I will be adding several affordable options to my website, as an alternative to purchasing customized invitations on my Zazzle shop. While invitations through my shop are high quality and usually printed and shipped within 24 hours, they start at about $2 each invitation. 
On the other hand, if you purchase the fill-in-the blank alternatives on my website, you can print as many as you need for one low price, with designs starting as low as $2.99 each. Now that's a deal!

Below are a few designs currently available through my website at

Fairy Fill-In-the-Blank Invitations

Garden Party Fill in the Blank Invitations

Trash Bash fill in the blank invitations

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

365 Days of Dio Doodles

I was looking at my sketchbooks during my holiday break and noticed a pretty decent improvement in sketches over the last couple of years. Truth is, I have been drawing and doodling a lot more in recent years, but I am still not where I want to be. So, on January first 1 started a personal challenge which I call "365 Days of Dio Doodles." A promise to myself to draw daily, take time to hone my craft, make my art more polished looking and to get faster at it. You can follow my journey on Instagram by using any of the following hashtags: #365daysofdiodoodles or #paisleyinparis. See you there!

Butterfly Doodles

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