Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

My heart rejoices on this day as I celebrate the real meaning of Easter Sunday. On that note, I really don't know what bunnies, chicks, eggs and chocolate have to do with Easter, but I'll take it. Bunnies are just too stinkin' adorable and fun to draw, and I happen to be chocolate's number one fan, so it's a win-win. 
Have a wonderful Easter my friends, make wonderful memories with your loved ones and indulge in anything chocolatey that crosses your path. 


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Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Peek Into My Sketchbook

Another peek into my sketchbook. These are last night's bedtime doodles. They say practice makes perfect, and I couldn't agree more. I haven't had a chance to add new items to my shop the last few months. My full time job and family life keep me quite busy. So rather than forgetting about my passion (design & illustration), I keep going at it with baby steps. If all I can do at this point is sketch and doodle, then that's what I'll do. Eventually I'll end up with tons of icons to choose from, all ready to digitize when I get a little time to myself. In the meantime (in the voice of Dory) "just keep drawing, just keep drawing..."

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Adiós Spring Break!

My child got very lucky this year and was invited to spend a few days out of town with family during spring break. I couldn't take any time off, so had it not been for them, she would have spent a whole week playing board games with grandma while her dad and I worked. It isn't exactly a bad thing. But it's not as cool as going somewhere new and playing with kids your age. She loved being away of course, spent lots of time outdoors and playing in the water with her cousin. She wasn't too happy when Sunday came around and we had to start getting ready for school the next day. You know what I say? I say suck it up child! I'm happy you had a great time and I love you dearly, but it's time to pay attention and get your learnin' on! Love, mommy. 

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lunchtime Doodles

Had a late breakfast this morning, so I wasn't hungry when lunchtime came around. Good thing! Instead of eating, I gave my lunch to my boss who didn't feel like running out to grab a bite, and I spent an enjoyable half hour chit-chatting with coworkers while doodling. Hope I have a chance to digitize some of my artwork soon. I'd like to share some finished artwork with you in the next few days...don't want you to get tired of my silly little daily doodles.

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Friday, March 14, 2014


I'd much rather be at Disneyland today, but since I can't, I brought a piece of Disney to work with me today. And I doodled. Yes, I beautified the back side of some old business cards during my breaks. Made the work day go a lot faster. 

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Living Without Internet

It's been a few weeks since my last post. I moved recently and you know how that goes, adjusting to a new routine. Another big adjustment is living without internet or cable. Now, cable I don't miss, but internet...well I'm a bit undecided on that one. It's definitely a distraction, but it's also very convenient to have recipes, directions, weather and all other information available right at your fingertips. I do have internet on my phone, but it's been acting up. Might as well have dial-up on the darn thing, it would probably be faster.
But I have to say, aside from falling behind on Facebook and blog posts, life without internet at home has allowed me to separate work from my home life and to remain focused on my family while I'm at home. I do have access to wifi while I'm at work and at my mom's. I swing by her house every day to pick up my daughter when I get off work, so I'm not completely unplugged. I'm just a bit more "scheduled" when it comes to internet usage at the time being. And it's not bad for the time being.
On another note, I finally had a chance to change my winter Facebook header. I created something a bit more springy, but I didn't want it to expire soon, so I didn't make any reference to the season. I admit I could have polished it up a bit more, but given my current situation (adjusting to the move, limited internet access), I thought I'd go ahead and post it before summer came around and the old, dated winter greeting on my header remained. 

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Treats

I was helping my daughter put together Valentine treats for her classmates, when I remembered how one of my coworkers many years ago (at a different establishment), would bake these glorious pieces of cream cheese heaven in cookie form for us every Christmas. Since I was already in the giving spirit, I decided I would do the same for my co-workers as a Valentine's treat and add my own spin to the presentation. In order to make them more festive, I rolled up the dough into little balls and placed in mini cupcake liners and baked them all together on a cookie sheet. It was a MAJOR time saver, as I was able to bake more at a time this way. Once they were out of the oven, I decorated them with heart-shaped candy sprinkles. They were so cute to look at! The consistency was a little different than what I was used to, though. When baked directly on a cookie sheet, they turn out a bit more airy. Having baked them on cupcake liners made them a bit more dense, but it didn't compromise the taste in any way. On the contrary, they generated lots of smiles and compliments for the chef (me!) at the office on Valentine's morning.

Leslie, if you're reading this, I just want to say thank you! The tradition you started years ago, lives on.
PS - You can find the recipe here.

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Friday, January 31, 2014

Bad Doggie

Was greeted by a puddle of doggie pee in the bathroom this morning. Not an ideal way to start the day, but a happy Friday nonetheless. Life is much easier when you don't sweat the small stuff and doodle about it instead. Happy Friday ya'll.

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